ARNI by AirBridge


Product Design
Collateral Design
Website Design


AirBridge presented Mustard with a multifaceted challenge: to develop a complete brand design for their new disaster response product line, ARNI. The scope included branding, messaging, product design, collateral design, photography, videography, and website design. Crafting a distinct brand identity that aligned with AirBridge’s values while resonating with the urgency of disaster response was the primary challenge.

Establishing effective communication strategies to convey the purpose and reliability of ARNI products, along with creating functional yet visually impactful product designs, posed intricate tasks. Mustard also had to ensure that collateral materials seamlessly complemented the brand design, and photography and videography captured ARNI products in action. Additionally, the challenge extended to designing a user-friendly and informative website that conveyed the brand message and product details effectively.


Mustard’s comprehensive approach resulted in an outstanding outcome across all facets of the ARNI brand design. The new brand identity successfully encapsulated AirBridge’s commitment to disaster response, featuring a logo, colour palette, and design elements that conveyed urgency, reliability, and professionalism. The messaging strategy developed by Mustard effectively communicated the purpose and capabilities of ARNI products, resonating with the target audience. The product design achieved a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics, meeting rigorous disaster response requirements. Collateral materials are seamlessly integrated with the brand design, serving as powerful tools for communicating ARNI’s unique selling points.

Mustard’s high-quality photography and videography captured the real-world applications of ARNI products, reinforcing their reliability and effectiveness. The user-friendly website design emerged as a central hub of information, showcasing the entire ARNI product range and providing valuable insights into disaster response strategies. The successful collaboration between AirBridge and Mustard established ARNI as a leader in the disaster response market, surpassing expectations and creating a compelling brand presence.

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