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5 simple tips to running unstoppable Facebook & Instagram ads

Facebook ads are the most customisable forms of advertising to ever exist! You can target any audience, device and even when people see your ads. However, the Facebook ad system can be a little complicated to master. To help you maximise your advertising budget, I’m going to give you my 5 favourite Facebook advertising tips that work for any business and any campaign!


Stop boosting your posts!

I’ll be honest here, you would probably have more luck throwing your money out into the street than boosting your Facebook posts. Unless you have a rock solid strategy behind your boosted posts there is a good chance that your intended market isn’t even seeing your ads. Facebook boosted ads are quick and easy to make (this is by design) but 99% of the time they aren’t targeting towards the right audience!


Always create for mobile!

Mobile usage is second to none for social media so you need to design your ads for it! Content that is created for desktops usually doesn’t translate well to mobile. However, content designed for mobile typically works great on desktops!

This also gives you a lot creative options such as vertical and square videos. I find that these types of ads generate more interaction especially with Facebook making such a large push into the world of online video.


Ad Placement

Did you know that you can reach users on Facebook and Instagram? You can also choose if you want to run your ads on mobiles only, desktops or both! Placement of your ads can significantly impact the effectiveness of your campaign.

With the right strategy behind your Campaign you can get outstanding results with the creative ad placements. This is how we were able to turn $800 of ad spend into $55k of sales!


Retargeting is your friend!

Retargeting is going to be your best friend in the world of Facebook advertising. Not only is it easier to convert warm audiences to leads it is also cheaper! Retargeting campaigns, on average, have a higher conversion rate and lower cost-per-click rates!

Whether you’re targeting users who have visited a page on your website or have interacted with your Facebook page, these users already have a connection to your business, meaning that they will be more willing to click on your ads and are more likely to convert to leads!


Split test your ads

I always create a minimum of 4 different ads for each message I want to share. This allows me to test what best connects with my audience. It can also drastically reduce the cost-per-click once you find the perfect messaging.

Your headlines should be focused on a single message and have an emotional pull or pain point that your audience will contact with. Test out short sentences, long paragraphs or even bullet points, keep testing until you find what works for you!


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