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The Challenge.

How do you recreate a brand to pull it into the now whilst staying true to loyal and steadfast customers?

The Outcome.

A new name, brand identity and communications were created that reflected a new company structure and injected energy into a flat market, attracting new diverse customers.

The Rebrand.

GNM Chandlery, a family owned and run business, had been a part of the fishing and chandlery industry in Cairns for over two decades. With new management they needed to modernise the brand to appeal to a broader customer base.

We worked alongside the team at GNM Chandlery to develop a strategy which facilitated a smooth transition between names and aligned with the brand’s ambition to appeal to a wider market.


Bold colours and a lifestyle aesthetic delivered a striking and cohesive brand image which worked across mixed media. 

Flyers were developed to engage existing customers in the name change for an inclusive approach.