Honesty is the new black

“Go wash your mouth out with soap” – my Nan’s go to for spinning a lie – but marketers have been doing it for years. Oh but times are a-changing… their elastic truths, all in the name of selling a product, are getting Nan’s treatment from customers who expect more. With the ever popular rise of socials, brands are more accessible, promoting transparency and connectivity.

Tinder for gotcha-marketers

Think of it this way, if you met someone on a dating app who wasn’t what they said on the tin, you probably wouldn’t date them. Not just because they look different but because you know they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. The same goes for brands, those that don’t speak truthfully to their customers project a low opinion of themselves or their products.

Why start a relationship with your customer by letting them down?

If brands focus on delivering value and a genuine experience to their customers, letting their products or services shine, then the customers will rock up time after time. Businesses need to embrace transparency to build a more authentic relationship with their customers – find who you are selling to and simply tell the truth, helping them to make informed buying choices.