Cairns Beaches Realty



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The Challenge.

The Cairns Beaches Realty brand was in need of a refresh, whilst still honouring the old fashioned values, traditions and themes of the original brand.

The Outcome.

A new logo and marketing materials that supported Cairns Beaches Realty as the premiere Cairns Real Estate agency that caters to adventure seekers looking for a sea change.

The Rebrand.

Once the creative tone was set, the team quickly went to work to capture a new identity system that reflective the ‘Beach Lifestyle’ aesthetic.

The original Cairns Beaches Realty logo featured an out-of-date colour scheme partnered with a font that lacked balance and hierarchy. The rendering and graphic depiction was impossible to replicate across the many mediums that real estate agents require. The new logo is completely responsive which allows it to be used in any situation and the colours can be accurately reproduced over all printing methods.