Aussie Tyre Quotes



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The Challenge.

After two previous website builds by other agencies, Aussie Tyre Quotes needed a team that would seamlesly intergrate into their culture and really understand their processes and how to best move the brand forward.

The Outcome.

We completely rebuilt the website from the ground up with a strong focus on user experience. The end result is a website that not only looks great but also delivers results.

The Rebuild.

All great brands are built off strategy and that is were we started with Aussie Tyre Quotes. For us to provide the best user experience possible we really dived deep into the 6 key “avatars” that would use the Aussie Tyre Quotes service. This allowed us to build profiles around these indivuals and to establish their requirements.

Once the objective was clear, our digital team quickly went to work to create wire frames and working modules that the client could test and provide feedback on. Through multiple sprints we were able to refine the process and continue to improve the customer experience.

A major update to the website was the introduction of database driven searches partnered with geotags. This essentially allows visitors to type in any location within Australia to obtain quotes on their tyres.

The new website indroduces functionality that not only future proofs the website for the client but also provides a much more streamlined process for visitors and members alike.